The Carters

Nick Carter, who is now 26-years-old, has spent more than a decade as a member of “The Backstreet Boys,” the highly popular boy band that has become one of the highest selling bands of all time. Nick is often considered the most popular member of “The Backstreet Boys” and is commonly referred to as the group’s “heartthrob.” Among his many accolades, Nick has been named Teen People’s “Biggest Teen Idol” (2000), one of People magazine’s “50 Most Beautiful People” (2000) and Teen Scene Magazine’s top slot in their list of the “Hottest Under 21″ (2000). “The Backstreet Boys” have currently sold more than 87 million records worldwide and hold the record for selling the most albums in one week with five million. Currently, “The Backstreet Boys” are back in the studio recording their next album, which is slated for release this fall. In addition to his responsibilities with “The Backstreet Boys,” Nick is running his own production company and studio, and has dedicated himself to helping environmental causes by partnering with UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) through two programs designed to preserve coral reefs and end the near extinction of great apes.

After huge success as a teen pop sensation, Aaron is facing a new chapter professionally at 18-years-old. As a teen megastar, Aaron became the youngest recording artist to have four consecutive top 10 hits. During this time, Aaron was named “Favorite Breakout Star” at Nickelodeon’s “Kid’s Choice Awards” (2001) and “Choice Male Artist of the Year” at the Teen Choice Awards (2001). Looking to his big brother, Nick, to find motivation and direction, Aaron is now at a turning point and has decided to dedicate himself to producing, writing and re-launching his recording career. In 2003, Aaron’s widely publicized petition for legal emancipation from his mother made tabloid headlines, but today, Aaron is ready to put the past behind him and focus on what lies ahead.

Angel is more that just Aaron’s twin sister – they are best friends who often finish each other’s sentences. Most recently, the 18-year-old has been living in Florida but she has decided to come to LA to focus on her modeling ambitions. Life in Hollywood is full of distracting temptations though, and the jury is still out on whether Nick will be able to get Angel to focus on achieving her catwalk goals.

Like her brothers, Leslie is pursuing a music career and, according to Nick, she has the best singing voice in the family. At 19-years-old, Leslie has been living with her band in Toronto but has decided to put family first and leave Canada to move in with her brothers and sisters, some of whom she has not seen in years. She is pushing for her band-mates to join her in LA so that Nick can use his contacts to get them some showcases in Hollywood. Leslie is probably the most grounded of the siblings and is the only one currently in a serious relationship. She has been dating the drummer in her band for seven months.

Bobbie Jean is the oldest Carter sister at 24-years-old and is the only one of the siblings that has no showbiz aspirations. Most recently, Bobbie Jean has been staying at Aaron’s LA apartment and working odd jobs. Bobbie Jean’s latest idea is to try her hand at pursuing a cooking career and Nick is committed to helping her find a viable culinary school in LA. Nick’s biggest concern, however, is getting Bobbie Jean to actually attend the classes on a regular basis and to follow through on the idea. Bobbie Jean is full of life and the true wild child of the bunch.

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